Google Structured Data

Search engines do their best to understand the content on your web pages. You are able to help them by signposting the main information. Anything that we can do to help search engines to read and list the information from our websites has to be a winner. Way back in 2001, Google, Yahoo!, Yandex and some others had a little meetup. They decided to create a standardised list of attributes and entities which became known as Schema.org. Although it sounds complicated, Google Structured Data doesn’t have to be. Breaking it down, it is essentially a standardised format to organise and label important information. For example, on an events page you can label the dates, location and so on. The structured data we are interested in […]

GDPR, what is it and are you ready?

Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide helpful guidance to customers about GDPR, not as a comprehensive solution or legal advice. Each organisation should undertake their own steps to ensure compliance. Here at EngineRoom towers we don’t seem to be able to to open our inboxes without reading one email or another about the new GPDR law coming into effect on the 25th May 2018.  Whilst we bought ourselves into line with the regulations, we thought it might be a good idea to lay it all out in a blog post. So first off, what is GDPR? Well, it stands for General Data Protection Regulation and simply put is a new EU directive to ensure for consistent data protection laws across the EU. The scary bit […]

Harnessing the Web in the Weald

We are lucky enough to work with loads of great people at EngineRoom. One is Emma Wood, who runs Big WOW; a website about events and goings-on in the Weald of Kent. Emma has kindly provided another guest blog post, this time detailing the top reasons your businesss should be on-line. 6 reasons why your business should be on-line The founder of the internet, Tim Berners-Lee was born in London, only a short journey from the Weald. In this article I have decided to focus on the importance of the internet and how essential a website is to any business, particularly in a rural region such as this. The World Wide Web has transformed the way that businesses trade regardless of how remote they are. […]

Google Webmasters – Target Country

Our SEO partner bought this to attention recently and we thought it worthy of a blog post… so here we are! This will only apply if your main website address is a .com domain. If this is the case then it’s a biggy. Essentially, unless you tell them otherwise, Google will automatically assume that you are targeting the USA with your .com domain. Based on this they will promote you in US searches and demote you in searches elsewhere. How do I tell Google that I’m not US based and I’m targeting visitors in my own country, if I have a .com? Good question! First, you need to have your site setup in Google Webmasters and this can be done by simply signing in with […]

What is cache?

Question: Why did the web developer go broke? Answer: Because he used up all his cache! (Boom, boom) If you understood the above then you can probably stop reading here. If not, read on. There are lots of technologies designed to secure and speed up your website and most of the time there is no need to even know that they exist. However if you want to run a website and perform the odd update yourself, then it is always good to have a little basic knowledge up your sleeve as it can save time, money and sanity.  Cache is one of those things. At a very basic level, Cache (pronounced CASH) is a place to temporarily store something in a computing environment. Caching is used throughout the […]