What SSL is and why it’s important

If you’re not that interested in web hosting (and you probably aren’t) then you might not know what SSL is and why it is now becoming more important to have it activated for your site. What is it? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. There, now you understand it all we can move on! 🙂 All that this actually means is that when you browse to a site with SSL enabled any information that is sent or received is sent over an encrypted link. In addition, your web browser and the web host can identify each other to ensure the data is coming from the correct source. So essentially, if the data gets intercepted between you and the website host the information will be of […]

Get your site on the Google Index

Okay, so you’ve spent the last few months building and developing your fancy new website. Now you’ve launched it, you need the visitors to start flocking. As I’m sure you’re aware the best way to do this is to come up on Google’s when people search for you. Now getting to the top of Google for specific keywords can be a bit of black art and there are SEO experts out there who can help with this. But sometimes it just isn’t necessary; if you have a well built website which features content that people are going to be interested in, you might pop to the top of Google without too much work. First things first though, we need to make sure Google knows you exist. So […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Have you ever tried to load an article from search results on your mobile phone whilst relying on 3G or even 2G? It can often end in wildly shaking your phone in the air and ultimately being presented with a broken and nonfunctional half loaded site. Accelerated Mobile Pages aim to improve this and help web articles load up to 10 times faster on mobiles. Added benefits are that the quicker loading increases battery life and that the user can simple swipe to the next article. To allow a page to load instantly, AMP restricts what you can do with the web page. It loads a stripped down version of a page favouring function over form. AMP pages look like a very minimal version of normal web […]

What is a CDN?

If you are an EngineRoom customer you might have noticed in our hosting details that your site is set up on a CDN as standard. In this article we will go some way to explaining exactly what a CDN is and how it works. If you’re not particularly interested with the ins and outs, put simply they are a fantastic way to speed up your website and to ensure it can handle large amounts of traffic. If, like us, you want to dig in the technical details and know exactly how they work then read on.   What is a CDN? CDN is short for Content Delivery Network and is a network of servers that deliver cached static content to the visitors of your website based […]

Call Me Baby

With more and more websites being accessed on mobile phones, responsive websites are becoming increasingly prevalent. If you access a website on a mobile device and would like to call the company, you may have to use some fiddly touch controls to copy and paste the phone number so you can call it. On the other hand, you may just give up. This post is a quick tutorial on how to add clickable phone numbers to your WordPress website.   How it’s done First step is to highlight your phone number within the WordPress WYSIWYG. Once you have it highlighted, you need to go to the “Insert / Edit Link” button. In the “URL” field just enter “tel:01892711155” (obviously excluding the quotation marks and replacing our […]