Signing It Off

It might not seem that important. And true, it might not win or lose you business. But, an email signature that is smart, consistent across your organisation and informative can benefit your company in more ways than you might first think. You wouldn’t hand a prospective client a scrap of paper with your details scrawled onto it, so why ignore your email signature?   Main reasons for an email signature Legitimacy and professionalism In our view, this is the main benefit of an email signature. Having a cohesive and well designed signature not only shows you are a well established and professional business but also shows you care about the details, which is never a bad thing to convey.   Important information at your client’s […]

Guest Post: Ready, Steady, Go!

We are lucky enough to work with loads of great people at EngineRoom. One is Emma Wood, who runs INTOtheWeald; a website about events and goings-on in the Weald of Kent. Emma has provided our first guest blog post, about launching a business in the Weald. What she says is very interesting and can of course apply to areas all over the country… In the past few years the business population in the Weald has altered significantly, with more than 86% of last year’s increase created by the registration of trading entities which do not employ people. The impact of e-commerce, insecurity in traditional job markets and the ability to work remotely has led to record numbers of people wanting, or having no choice, to […]

Pensioning off Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (known as IE) was Microsoft’s standard internet browser and has been included as part of Windows since 1995. It is currently on its 11th version and you almost certainly have used it at some point. Perhaps you’re even reading this using IE. Back in the late 90’s Netscape was the dominant browser, but Internet Explorer beat it in the first browser war (yes, very nerdy) and went on to enjoy around 95% market share in 2002/2003. Since then, its usage has decreased as other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome have come along to challenge, as well as other types of operating system which do not run IE (like Apple’s OSX) have become more popular. Microsoft have now retired Internet Explorer. As Web Developers we could not wait […]