Blogging effectively

Your blog can serve many purposes; from marketing your business, to educating your customers (or potential customers) and can give a fantastic boost to your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) efforts.  That being said, a badly written or out of date blog can have negative effects on your business. Below are a few of our top tips for writing a top blog that should benefit your business in lots of ways. Remember your Target Audience It’s important to remember who you are writing for and to tailor your content to them. There’s little point in using technical language in a blog written for non-technical readers. You will very quickly confuse them and consequently lose them as readers. Conversely, when writing a blog post for readers with […]

Google Structured Data

Search engines do their best to understand the content on your web pages. You are able to help them by signposting the main information. Anything that we can do to help search engines to read and list the information from our websites has to be a winner. Way back in 2001, Google, Yahoo!, Yandex and some others had a little meetup. They decided to create a standardised list of attributes and entities which became known as Schema.org. Although it sounds complicated, Google Structured Data doesn’t have to be. Breaking it down, it is essentially a standardised format to organise and label important information. For example, on an events page you can label the dates, location and so on. The structured data we are interested in […]

Google Webmasters – Target Country

Our SEO partner bought this to attention recently and we thought it worthy of a blog post… so here we are! This will only apply if your main website address is a .com domain. If this is the case then it’s a biggy. Essentially, unless you tell them otherwise, Google will automatically assume that you are targeting the USA with your .com domain. Based on this they will promote you in US searches and demote you in searches elsewhere. How do I tell Google that I’m not US based and I’m targeting visitors in my own country, if I have a .com? Good question! First, you need to have your site setup in Google Webmasters and this can be done by simply signing in with […]

Get your site on the Google Index

Okay, so you’ve spent the last few months building and developing your fancy new website. Now you’ve launched it, you need the visitors to start flocking. As I’m sure you’re aware the best way to do this is to come up on Google’s when people search for you. Now getting to the top of Google for specific keywords can be a bit of black art and there are SEO experts out there who can help with this. But sometimes it just isn’t necessary; if you have a well built website which features content that people are going to be interested in, you might pop to the top of Google without too much work. First things first though, we need to make sure Google knows you exist. So […]
EngineRoom SEO Blog Post

Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation? To begin with, let’s break down what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) actually is. All you really need to remember is that on a basic level search engines are simply trying to provide the following: Relevant information Up to date content Quality source of information Therefore, essentially Search Engine Optimisation is altering your site to take these factors into account.   Google The big daddy in the world of search engines is Google. They have a market share in the region of 60-80% (depending on which reports you read), so for the purpose of this article we will concentrate on them. Anything we do to please Google will only improve your ranking with the other search engines, so they are a […]