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Racing Sponsorship Hub

Racing Sponsorship Hub is a scheme set up by racing driver Andrew Wilmot to help drivers of all ages and categories obtain the budgets they need to go motor racing.

Drivers set up their own Profile page, detailing information about themselves, their racing history and what they are aiming to achieve in the coming racing season. Each driver can also post several photos of themselves in action.

Potential sponsors can use a range of filters to help find the driver of their choice. Filters include gender, age, county, discipline, experience, type of sponsorship, budget requirements, hospitality level, and also whether the driver is ex-services or disabled.

In addition to the clean design, you can sign up for the RS Hub newsletter via the MailChimp integration too.

Have a look round this interesting website. If you're a driver, sign up, and if you're a potential sponsor, get in touch with someone; it could be the best thing you do this year!