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Each website we produce is designed to be responsive, meaning the layout automatically alters when it is viewed on a tablet or mobile.

Every client also receives WordPress training, so they can edit and update their site themselves as they see fit.

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    1000 Months
    1000 Months is a life coaching practice set up by a good friend of EngineRoom.
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    Southern Cross Travel
    Southern Cross Travel are award-winning experts in creating bespoke packages to long haul holidays such as Australia, New Zealand and the Far East.
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    Burning Sky
    Burning Sky are an award-winning artisan brewers and blenders, based in the Sussex South Downs.
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    Ben Scott
    Dr Ben Scott is life coach and delivers talks and seminars all over the world about personal development, health and well being.
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    The Hot House
    The Hot House is a 'creative incubator' for independent start up TV production companies.
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    Racing Sponsorship Hub
    Racing Sponsorship Hub is a scheme set up by racing driver Andrew Wilmot to help drivers of all ages and categories obtain the budgets they need to go motor racing.
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    Mosaic Mum
    Sarah is a photographer and artist, and uses smashed pottery to create mosaics. She was after a new website for this side of her business.
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    Seriously TV
    Seriously TV is dedicated to making TV that really matters.
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    Ben Tuck Racing
    Ben Tuck is an up and coming driver in UK motor racing.